Currently, we are partnered with three dedicated repair centers located strategically across the Netherlands in Amersfoort, Tilburg, and Roosendaal. Further bolstering our operational capacity, we have established collaboration with two third-party warehouses near Schiphol airport in Cruquius and Europoort near Rotterdam harbor, offering us additional space for secure storage.

In addition to our robust operations in the Netherlands, our services extend across several EU countries including Switzerland and the UK, offering comprehensive solutions for damaged batteries. We can facilitate the transport of damaged batteries to our Dutch facilities via ADR (Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) or FedEx. Moreover, we offer on-site services where our skilled engineers conduct checks, tests, and repairs. Strengthened by alliances with numerous repair centers throughout the EU, we provide an option for local repair services.

We cater to a diverse range of projects, varying from smaller assignments involving a handful of pieces to larger, monthly recurring ones comprising over 2,000 pieces. Regardless of the project size or duration, our commitment remains steadfast in meeting client expectations, flexibly tailoring our services to align with their specific needs.

We stringently follow ADR regulations while transporting damaged batteries from EU-based warehouses to our repair centers. Batteries are systematically sorted by software per manufacturers specifications. Each battery undergoes a thorough inspection including voltage and fuse checks, BMS (Battery Management System) testing, and cell balance checks. We can replace old cells with new ones based on the client request. Additionally, for batteries with lower voltages (20V or less), we offer comprehensive solutions including scrapping, reuse, and recycling services.

To streamline the repair process, clients who are aware of the underlying cause of battery damage can provide us with an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and video detailing the repair
requirements. In such cases, we will need a few samples of the damaged batteries to ensure we can accurately execute the necessary repairs. However, for clients unsure about the cause of damage, our skilled engineers will conduct detailed tests on the battery samples provided, offering a comprehensive report and potential repair options.

To ensure seamless communication and
problem-solving, we can utilize platforms like Zoom for conferencing with our Asia-based engineering team to arrive at the best possible solution.

As each project has unique requirements, and each battery has its distinct specifications, we don’t offer a standard price list. Instead, we believe in detailed discussions with our clients to understand their specific needs and project dimensions, only after which can we provide an accurate quote.

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