At present, we work with three contracted repair centres in the Netherlands, in Amersfoort, Tilburg and Roosendaal.
We have also cooperated with two third-party warehouses to provide additional space for storage in Cruquius, which is near Schiphol airport, and in Europoort which is close to Rotterdam harbor. 

Aside from repairing damaged batteries in the Netherlands, we also repair damaged batteries in other EU countries including Switzerland and the UK. We can bring the damaged batteries from other countries through ADR (Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) or Fedex to the Netherlands for repairs too. In addition, we provide the option to send out our engineers to do on-site checks, tests and repairs. We also cooperate with different repair centres across the EU to provide local repair services.  

We handle different projects with varying repair requests, from small assignments with two to three pieces to monthly recurring projects with up to 2,000 pieces or more. From long-term clients to ones that just want to work with us for a short-term project, we welcome all potential clients and will do our utmost to meet their expectations, flexibly adjusting our services according to the client’s demands. 

We closely adhere to ADR regulations to collect damaged batteries from warehouses based in the EU to our repair centres. Batteries are sorted by software according to different manufacturers’ requests. Each battery has its voltage and fuse checked, while BMS (Battery Management System) is tested and the cells checked and balanced. We can also change old cells to new cells according to our client’s request. For batteries with a lower voltage (20V or less), we can provide scrapping, reuse and recycling services. 

When clients know the reason behind the damage of their batteries and are aware of the repair process, then we simply need a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and video to show us what needs to be repaired. In addition, we also need two to three damaged battery samples to execute the job in order to arrange the right people for the project. If clients do not know the reason for the damage, then we will need two to three damaged batteries so that our engineers can test and check them to provide a report and repair options. We can also use Zoom or other conference call software with our engineers in Asia to come up with the right solution together. 

 We do not have a standard price list, as each project is unique, every battery is different.
Due to different requirements, project size and length, a detailed discussion is required before we can provide a quote.

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