Located in The Hague in the Netherlands, BNL Supplies B.V. operates through two distinct divisions.

Our first division is dedicated to providing lithium battery repair and after-sales services. Our
primary B2B clients span across Asia, with a specific focus on lithium battery manufacturers and assemblers in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and also throughout the European Union. Our expertise in repair extends to lithium batteries employed in E-bikes and E-scooters. Furthermore, reequipped to service batteries used in other applications such as electric vehicles, electric yachts, E-Steps, E-forklifts, and more. Our comprehensive lithium battery maintenance services
1. Collection of damaged lithium batteries directly from EU-based brand dealers,
transportation to our repair center, adhering strictly to pertinent regulations.
2. Systematic sorting and registration of the damaged batteries into distinct groups via our
specialized sorting software.
3. Detailed inspections including measuring battery voltage, inspecting the fuse, replacing the
BMS, and checking and balancing the battery cells.
4. Replacement of old batteries with new ones, along with other essential maintenance tasks,
determined by the extent of battery damage.
5. Disassembling and recycling of lithium batteries below 20V.

Our service range spans the entire European Union, addressing needs of customers in Switzerland
and the United Kingdom.

Further, we also provide distribution warehousing and transportation center setup services in the EU
for Asian lithium battery manufacturers, leveraging the Netherlands’ extensive warehousing and land transportation network.

Moreover, our after-sales service center operates as a liaison between foreign suppliers and EU-
based buyers, bridging gaps created by time, language, and cultural differences. We also offer
dismantling, scrapping, and recycling services for irreparable lithium batteries.

Our second division is involved in the import, export, and wholesale sales of energy storage (ESS)
machines, energy storage (ESS) batteries, and energy storage (ESS) inverters, among other products.
We proudly represent renowned brands such as AlphaESS (Wotai Energy), Livoltek (Hangzhou
Haixing Power), Kstar (Koshida Technology), and Pytes (Shanghai Paizhiyuan). We extend our
product sales to all corners of the European Union, including Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

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